Tay Odynski

Constantly exploring and pushing her creative boundary, Taylor Odynski (Tay) is painting by her own rules. She calls her process messy and unplanned, but time and time again her execution yields stunning moments captured on canvas.

Tay lets the natural movement of the paint dictate the outcome of her work, taking advantage of tiny unique details that form within the minutia of unrestricted evolution. Watch her videos (she live streams her studio sessions and also uploads time-lapse videos of different projects to Instagram @Taytayski) and see her process for yourself, it’s mesmerizing. A unique style and gorgeous personality led to her most recent accomplishment: illustrating a children’s book that will be in stores soon!

This ACAD grad found a love in the unpredictability of commission work, so you may not notice a general theme to her paintings. She loves the collaboration with her clients and presenting someone with a unique piece that no one else in the world has. Working with someone’s crazy ideas, helping make them real and their joy when the project is complete keep her painting every day.

Enjoy her work, because she certainly enjoyed painting it for you!