Nicole Rita Tomney

NRT was founded in 2010 by Nicole Rita Tomney after graduating from the Fashion Program at Blanche MacDonald Centre (Vancouver, Canada).  NRT is a high end women’s and men’s wear line based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. specializing in Wedding Couture, NRT mixes the facets of wearable art and everyday style to create a unique brand that catches your attention both on and off the runway.

Since starting NRT, Tomney has had the opportunity to be represented in the Calgary Fashion Industry by many different outlets including; magazines, news papers, fashion shows, Music videos, and boutiques to name a few. Tomney has kept very busy over the past few years showing her collections not only in the Calgary Fashion scene but other city’s including Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, and Mexico. Specializing in couture, NRT is not afraid to create one of a kind shocking pieces. Including custom one of a kind wedding gowns.